Below learn about the different levels and progressions.  Your child can move up as soon as we see they are ready to move on.

Level 1 – 4 months to 12 months (with adult participation)

Class Size: 6:1 ratio w/ parent

  • Beginner Comfort Skills. This is the perfect introduction for your baby (because there are great reasons to start him/her swimming well before their first birthday.) With an adult in the water, everyone will be singing group songs, practicing tummy time, and getting the kids used to being comfortable and having an awesome experience in the water. They’ll also practice their grasp reflex, move on to holding onto the wall and eventually inching their way down it — because once they’re ready, these baby swimmers will learn the proper technique to get out of the water safely: “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Yes, your baby will begin learning the building blocks to those key swim skills! They will be able to work on their pulling paddle, do a short “Superman” glide, float on their backs in the sea otter position and practice kicking while holding onto the barbell. Water Town Swim School instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach these necessary skills to your little ones. Every kid should know these skills in the water.
  • Underwater Skills. For many kids, becoming accustomed to having water splashed in their faces and going underwater is easier to do the younger they start doing it! So,Water Town Swim School instructors — along with parents — help kids be able to go underwater and hold their breath for a few seconds.

Level 2 – Ages 12-23 months (with adult participation)

Class Size: 6:1 ratio w/ parent

  • Pool Skills. This is when your little swimmer gets even more used to being in the water, with fun group songs and activities. Your child will be able to hold onto the wall solo, do a little crab walking along the wall with some help and work on getting out of the pool safely by climbing up using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. You’ll smile in awe as your toddler lets go of you and does a “Superman” glide from you to the step on the side of the pool and when your “baby” shows off a pulling paddle and confident back float. It will definitely give you cause to celebrate!
  • Underwater Skills. By now, your little one will be used to having water in his or her face. He or she will also be comfortable being dipped under water. This is important in teaching proper breath control, which goes a long way in the underwater skills the kids are learning at Water Town Swim School — including going underwater and rolling over, and having a nice 10-second breath control. It’s these building skills that make Water Town Swim School worth every cent!

Level 3 -Ages 2-3 years

Class Size: 6:1 ratio w/parent

  • Pool Skills.  In this level they’ll also work on holding onto the wall solo, doing a crab walk along the wall, and getting out of the pool safely by climbing up using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Want to know a great way to burn that 2-year-old constant energy? Swim lessons! Your busy little goldfish will be learning how to kick while holding onto a barbell and how to do a “Superman” glide for 5-feet — along with jumping into the water, turning around and swimming back to the wall!
  • Underwater Skills. Breath control is very important. At Water Town Swim School, your goldfish will learn how to dip underwater for 10 seconds, dip underwater and rollover from the step, and dip underwater and turn back around to the step.

Level 4 -Ages 18m to 4 based on skill

Class Size: 3:1 ratio w/only teacher, no parent

If the child is invited into this class teyw ill enter with no parent

  • Pool Skills.  Kids in this level are working on their social and emotional responses, which include being able to sit still while they wait for their turn — and having no tears for at least three consecutive classes (yes, you’re not the only one who has dealt with tears in the pool!).
  • Patience is a virtue well learned — even in swim class, when taking turns and listening to the teacher are very important. In this level, your goldfish will be able to hold onto the pool wall and do crab walking before getting safely out of the pool using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Your son or daughter will be learning a lot of skills unassisted here: How to do a back float for five seconds; how to float on their bellies for five seconds; kicking while holding the barbell; doing a “Superman” glide for 5 feet and doing a pulling paddle for seven feet! Plus they will sit on the side of the pool, jump in, turn and swim back to the wall!
  • Underwater Skills. Yes, your child will be able to hold their breath for 10 seconds in an underwater dip by the end of this level! That great breath control comes little by little, and helps kids be able to do a rollover from front to back (and back to front). All the building blocks are coming together now.